Arts & Crafts Ideas for Babysitting

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Learn tips and ideas for crafts and other creative activities for the babysitter and kids while babysitting.

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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Aisha Puri and, this is how to use a babysitter. Arts and crafts with your babysitter can be a fun activity for both the sitter and the child. It allows the children to be creative and to use their artistic skills. So using that, you have various mediums to use. You can make craft with paper products such as this little reef here which is made from a simple paper plate, tissue paper and glue. Also, coloring books, different types of crayons and markers and some times even baking can increase a child’s creativity with this Easy Bake Oven that allows them to make whatever they like using their own imagination, colors that they like and whatnot. Safety is very important. The oven will be very hot so you have to make sure that you talk to the child and make sure they understand the safety of the hot product. If you are using the glue, they need to understand that they cannot put the glue into their mouth. It is strictly just to be on the paper. Crayons and whatnot does not go in the mouth either. After they are finished using whatever products they are using, more than likely their hands will be messy. You need to wash their hands, make sure their clothes are protected so they don’t get dirty and messed up either. My name is Aisha and thank you for watching.


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