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Why running from a police officer when you are pulled over is a bad idea in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I am here to talk to you today what to do when you are being stopped by the police. When the officer activates his emergency equipment for you to stop and what I told you earlier he has already picked a spot that believes is safe for you to stop. He has already planned ahead. He knows the streets just as probably as well as you do if not better. He knows where he wants you to stop your vehicle. Don't take too long to pull over. There are several reasons behind that. The officer could be thinking because remember his first mind is officer safety. He could be thinking you are taking too long because you are trying to find a gun, trying to do something more than what is actually going on. Pull over at the next logical stop where you can stop. If you take too long, that could be bad news for you. It could mean additional charges because you didn't stop immediately. It could also mean that the officer is on a little bit higher alert when he walks up to you. The other thing that it could mean too is that you may not be being stopped. The officer could actually be trying to get past you going to an emergency call. When you see the approaching blue lights, red lights or emergency equipment whichever in your state is, pull off as soon as you can and let that officer either go by or let him stop you. But take it a step further, don't flee. You are in your vehicle don't run. I knokw that peopel do run. Obviously you do see a lot of reality TV shows out there where good entertainment watching the cars fly through everybody but you've got to remember, they could kill somebody. You could kill somebody. Something stupid like that you could go to prison for the rest of your life because you were doing something stupid trying to get away from the cops. Don't believe just because you race away from the cops, that they are not going to chase you. One way or another you are going to get caught. If you notice that most of those shows, how many of those shows you see on TV where the bad guy actually gets away. So if you are thinking of running, stop. Don't do it. It's not safe. Stop the vehicle and get the ticket. If you've got a warrant, just deal with it. Also, going to add one more thing. If you think it is a good idea to run literally on foot, it's snot. You are just going to go to jail tired.


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