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Why throwing things at the police officer when you are pulled over is a bad idea in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm here to talk to you today about what to do when you're being stopped by the police. I kind of touched on this before. If you are dumb enough to be riding around with something in the vehicle in plain sight where the officer can see it, you're probably already caught at the point that he's trying to stop you. Now I'm going to say this for your benefit. Don't throw incriminating evidence out of the vehicle. I'm not saying it for my benefit, because please....throw stuff out of the car. Chances are, I'm going to find it. When we do, it's abandoned property and I'm going to be able to charge you with it. Remember what I said: most vehicles, most patrol cars are equipped with video cameras. It's going to be kind of hard to deny the fact that you are throwing stuff out of the window when it's caught, captured on video. If you do have something incriminating in the car, leave it in the car. Chances are, you're already caught. Don't go throwing it out, because that's just a gift to me. I'm going to add one little thing here. Most of the times, what are we talking about that you are going to throw out of the car? You're going to throw drugs, you're going to throw guns. Are you that bad of a person that when you throw a gun or drugs out of your car just to get out of trouble that it's okay if a little five-year-old child or three-year-old child gets into that? No. I can't believe that you are that bad of a person that you would do that. Leave the stuff in the car. If you are man enough to have the stuff/woman enough to have the stuff, take your lumps. Leave it in the car.


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