Pulled Over Without a Driver's License?

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What should you do when pulled over in a car by a police officer and you don't have your license. Learn about it in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm here to talk to you today about what to do when you are being stopped by the police. What happens if you don't have your driver's license on you? Alright. We'll cover first: let's say you have a valid license, you just don't have it on you. Okay. Be honest with the officer. When he walks up to the vehicle, let him know that you don't have your license on you. In most cases, you're not going to have a problem, especially if you are being polite. Most officers understand; we're human too. We understand that you don't always carry stuff with you. You do want to have your license in the car with you. In most states it is against the law not to carry a driver's license with you. Okay. But it's one of those discretion things, that most officers are not going to (unless you are giving them a hard time), the officer is not going to cite you for not having your license. Make sure you provide them with your name, your date-of-birth, current address; you know, anything the officer asks you for, make sure you provide it. Because, in addition, we want to make sure who you are. Because we don't want to have someone give a fake name and give the wrong person a citation. So we are going to ask you some information to find out who you are. Make sure you provide that and don't give the officer a hard time. Remember: not carrying your license, in most states, is an arrestable offense. So if you start giving the officer a hard time, one way or another, he's going to find out who you are. And you'd rather him find out by you being polite and just giving him your information. Let's also go a little step further. Say you don't have your license because you're suspended or revoked. It happens a lot. Let the officer know. In many cases, it's a citable offense, where the officer knows that he can write you a citation. Chances are, if you're driving on a suspended license, you are going to get a citation at the minimum. In most states, it is an arrestable offense. If you are polite with the officer...again, politeness goes a long way. If you are being polite with the officer and you're explaining to him the situation that your license is suspended, and you're not making him go and find out for himself, chances are you may walk away there with a citation. Now, that's not a guarantee because every agency has its own policies and every officer has his own feelings about people driving while suspended. But if that's the case, give him your real name, your date of birth, let him figure out who you are and if you know why you are suspended, let him know. It's important. If you can't have discretion with you, he's going to. If you are suspended, and you decide "let's try to give him a fake name," the officer is going to check. That's what we are trained for, we are trained to detect deception. If you are giving us a fictitious, false name, we are going to check it out. If you're giving false names, if you're giving false information, that kinda goes along the lines of being polite. If you're not going to respect us and have the respect to be honest with us, chances are very high that once we do find out who you are, you're going to jail and you're looking at additional charges. So just remember, be honest with the officer, be polite, and you should be fine.


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