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There are a few important things you need when you're pulled over by the police. Learn about them in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm here to talk to you today about what to do when you are being stopped by the police. Now, once the officer makes contact with you, pretty much the first thing he's going to ask you is for your driver's license and registration. This serves a couple of purposes; one is he wants to make sure he knows who he's talking to. And typically he'll ask you for that before he tells you what you've done wrong. Have your driver's license and your registration, and I'm going to tell you this: have your proof of insurance readily available. Two reasons for this; first reason is officer safety and your safety. If you've got your stuff readily accessible when the officer walks up, that minimizes the amount of time he has to stand at the side of your vehicle. It minimizes his exposure to the traffic that's going by and also shows respect that you understand why you are being stopped by the police. Okay, if not "why," then at least you understand the fact that you are being stopped and here is your driver's license and registration. Don't give the officer a hard time at this point. The reason I'm saying have your proof of insurance is because, believe it or not, the DMV is not infallible. Okay, sometimes DMV does make mistakes. One of the common things I find is that if you've changed insurance companies, from one insurance company to the other (say it's Allstate and then you are changing it to Geico or something), when you do that, once you cancel your policy with Allstate, they are going to go ahead and send the DMV a notice that your insurance has been canceled. This may show up on your tag as a revoked tag because if Geico doesn't notify the DMV that now you have new insurance or you don't contact DMV and let them know that you have new insurance, a lot of times (and you may never know this) if you've moved and have not notified DMV of your address change, a lot of times your tag and possibly your license in some states will be revoked for an insurance lapse. So have your proof of insurance or current insurance card with you so that if that is a discrepancy, the officer can look at that and weigh all the evidence that he has and possibly avoid giving you a citation which will also avoid you a day in court. Alright, so have your driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance when an officer stops you. You also want to make sure it's easily accessible. Okay? You don't want to be reaching around your car looking for things because, remember what I said: the officer's mindset is that he wants to go home safe every night. So you don't necessarily want to be reaching around your car looking for your items in a place where a weapon may be concealed. Have your stuff ready for the officer when he approaches. Also, I'll tell you this, give you a little hint: if you've got one of those wallets with a little window inside that you stick your license in and it's real easy when you go into a convenience store and you get ID'd and you just flip it open and you show people, the officer is not going to want to hold your wallet because he doesn't want the responsibility of having all your cash and credit cards in his hand. He's going to want just your license. Take your license out before the officer gets there if you can, or don't keep it in that little window because I'll tell you right now, if you get stopped by the police and sure enough, you try to pull it out of that wallet, it's going to be stuck and it's going to take you a little while to get it out of that wallet. So just make sure you have your driver's license, your registration and your proof of insurance ready to hand the officer when he walks up to your window.


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