How to Pull Your Car Over for Police

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How to pull your car over correctly for police when you are being stopped in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm here to talk to you today about what to do when you're being stopped by the police. Pulling over. When an officer comes up behind you and turns his blue lights on, normally the officer has already thought about where he wants you to stop. The first thing you can think of is that you need to stop as soon as possible; immediately. Look for the next street that pulls off or if the road’s wide enough, go ahead and pull off right to the side of the road. Use your directional. The officer has already planned on, because remember what I told you earlier, the officer's mindset is that he wants to go home safe. He's already precalculated, predetermined where he wants you to stop, and by activating his blue lights or red lights depending on which state you're in, he's already determined where he wants you to stop. Go ahead and just turn your directional on, pull off to the right hand side of the road. If there is a side street, if you're on a main busy city street and there is a little side street, chances are the officer would like you to pull off. Once you pull off, if you're pulling onto a side street, make sure you pull far enough down so that the officer can get his vehicle in and that you're not affecting the intersection or all the traffic. If you're pulling off to the side of the road, pull off as far as you can off to the side of the road and let that officer get in behind you. If you feel that you need to pull into a parking lot, just pull along side the side of the parking lot. Don't try to park into a parking space. If you pull into a parking space you're going to affect other drivers because that officer has to position his vehicle a certain way in order to protect himself. Remember what I told you earlier, the officer doesn't know you. He doesn't know if you've got a couple guns in the car, he doesn't if you're a wanted criminal. He's stopping you and he's got to treat every traffic stop the same way. When you pull over, say you pull into a parking space, that officer has got to pull around and position his vehicle, which may block other cars that are going by. That just creates a stressful situation for everybody involved, so please pull to the right, use your directional. If there's not a good place to pull over right away, don't worry about it. Turn your directional on. Let that officer know that you've seen him and that you're not attempting to flee. Reduce your speed to where you're going below the speed limit, turn your directional on, and find the next logical place. But like I told you earlier, if the officer has activated his blue lights, chances are he already knows the place that he wants you to stop.


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