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How to upload videos on YouTube; learn more about online video software in this free instructional video.

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CRAIG SCIME: Hi, it's Craig Scime from clearstarmedia.com, and today, we are talking about YouTube for Expert Village. Now, I'm in no way affiliated with YouTube or people who work there who put up the great site for you to be able to put your video on there, but I'm somebody who's used the site and have a background in production and like to maybe help you out a little bit if you've never really explored YouTube. The great way is jut to go through and watch videos and be able to see what people do, different shows maybe like beyond there and a lot of different exiting clips that will really make you laugh or maybe make you cry or just be downright discuss it. But anyway, how do you get your clip on there? Well, I showed you in the last segment, go ahead and make your account, and it's very simple. The first thing you want to do is click this button right at the top here says upload. Now, where do you get the clips from? Well for example, I use this camera and the nice thing about this camera and I'm sure you all have digital cameras like this, they are now coming with the ability to record audio, so what I do is I go ahead and I go on o my video mode, I record some video, it puts in a format that I'm able to use on YouTube. Now, the one thing you need to look at, you need to look at your file size. It can't be more than 100MB and it will sound like a lot but with video, it goes real quick. On top of it not being more than 100MB, you want to makes sure it's not longer than 10 minutes. Now, there are ways to get around the 10 minute mark around YouTube which I can tell you about later, but right now, if you're just uploading stuff, it needs to be under 10 minutes and it needs to be under 100MB and it needs to be on a file format that the YouTube recognizes this. For example, like an MOV, WMV file, an AVI or even an MPEG file. Those are the most common used files for YouTube. So let say we go ahead and we get in here, and the first thing you need to do is title your clip. This is where people can know what it's called. I'm going to call this one Parish Hilton, why? Because I have a clip here where we saw Paris Hilton when we were out shopping. I can describe it in anyway that I was. Paris comes out of a saloon, okay? I know my spelling is not the greatest. Now tags, this is very important. This is how people are going to find this video. So you want to put as many tags and now for the circuit time, I'm not going to do that. I would of course write in Paris space Hilton, I would of course write in celebrity, you know you may want to write in celebrity in there so that know how to look it up and any other things that you think would people would want to come and see your video. Next is you want to categorize it. What is this? Well, I think it could be maybe entertainment or it might be people. So I'm going to go ahead put it in under people. Now, broadcast options, it's very important. Is this something that you only want to share with 25 of your friends or just something you want everybody on YouTube to see? Most of the time you do, so would keep that as public. The next thing you do is you don't need to really do this a date and map options, that's in case you want to show where you live and all that fun stuff and it's really a fun little too old. And then sharing options allow people to put video responses and things to that nature. The next thing you do is you click upload video. This is very, very simple. You browse. You need to know where you have your video save on your computer. Now, I know that my video is saved in this little Shared Folder. Click open, I see it there. The next thing I do is I've got this MPEG video ready to go. Click upload and that's it. From there, YouTube will take your video from an AVI, or whatever format you have and turn it into a flash piece of video. I'll tell you what flash is in the next segment and we'll look at how easily this thing got uploaded.


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