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How to sign up on YouTube; learn more about online video software in this free instructional video.

Part of the Video Series: How To Make a Video for YouTube
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CRAIG SCIME: Hi, it's Craig Schime from, and today, we're talking for Expert Village about YouTube, how to get on YouTube and how to navigate through it. It's a great easy site to see video and some really fun clips from other people. Now, the first thing you want to do is there is this little button at the tope here that says sign up. Well, you click on sign up, very easily, you will make your YouTube account. Now, this is pretty standard for any different online service. You'll need some sort of account to utilize their services. Go ahead and put your e-mail address in. if it's an e-mail address that let say - I always recommend having two e-mail addresses, one for signing up for sites like this and of course one that you use on a regular basis. Since e-mail sites are free, you can get them anywhere from Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail. Go ahead and get one. This way, you don't get any extra junk mail, but you will need an e-mail site because they send out a clip or a message to you in your e-mail that says activate the site. They want to make sure it's real, they want to make sure that you're not just setting up a site as a computer but you are actually a real person. Believe it or not, there is technology that can set up fake sites and things like that. So, they want to you to verify it. One of the things they do is they make you put your password in, what country you're from, birth date, because you have to be of course over 13 to use the internet and then they use this little code, I know it's hard to read, but again, this make sure that you are a real person and not a computer. You put that code in and then of course it bring you to your home page. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to sign-in. My account is cscime, and I need to turn my back as I put my secret pass code in and hit enter. Once I log in, I can click and go to my account. I didn't want you to see my password. Alright. and this is what you get when you're log in to YouTube. You can see that I've got - here I have three videos that I have put up and I can also see that this is my ugly mug right there and of course that date I joined, the last time I log in which is a couple of minutes ago, how many videos I've watched, how many people subscribed to the videos I that I watched and channel views, and of course my name, my city and all that. And then from there, I can click on a lot of different things. Now, this is your - think of it as your channel. YouTube allows you to create your channel and that's how they describe things. So this is my channel. My channel shows three videos and what I do as I click onto my account, there are other things I can do within my account. Of course, I can put my videos in, and can of course change my name, name user information, my channel settings and then of course I can utilize my inbox and subscription, of course I want to subscribe to other users as the users I hope will subscribe to my videos. They can go ahead and do that. And of course, you can get it everything. Out right here, I have three subscribers and video views, and how many people have viewed my videos. So all of that tells about in your account section and of course from here, you can go ahead and change all your pass word and e-mail and all that fun stuff as well. We're going to show you how to pick your video and really get it on the net. I promise, next segment, we'll do that.


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