What Is Youtube?


How to make a video for YouTube; learn more about online video software in this free instructional video.

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Video Transcript

CRAIG SCIME: It's Craig Scime from clearstarmedia.com and today we're telling you how to get up on YouTube and how to utilize this great site, to see video of your friends or some people maybe you've never met before. Well, it's a really easy site to navigate and it's very simple to get to. I also want to tell you that I'm in no way affiliated with YouTube, I'm just somebody just showing you how to utilize it. So go to youtube.com, spelled out exactly the way you would spell, Y-O-U-T-U-B-E.com. when you get there, you get a regular homepage, it's just like any other homepage. It certainly tells you at the very top, you could see I'm signed in up here, is my name, if I have any mail, YouTube actually allows you to receive and send mail to other YouTube members. Also, it shows you, if you click on my account, my history, help, logout, and then upload in which we'll talk about later. Now, you could certainly see what is being watched right now and some of the videos that area being promoted. And then in this box, usually they have a trailer for movies or different things of that nature, that some of the movie studios get involved on. One of the neat things I like are these four tabs at the top. Primarily the first two tabs. If we click on the video tab, this is really neat. Because you're able to look at what people area watching right now. What is the most popular thing on YouTube? Because, let's say you're just--you're new to YouTube and you're like, hmm, what do I want to see, what do people like? Well, you can certainly look by videos. I click on, I see videos, I could see, browse by most recent. That means people that have put up videos most recently, or most viewed. Top rated, most discussed, favorites, links, and there's more to go from there. Well, let's say most viewed. Today, now this is the next thing. These red dots indicate exactly what we're looking at. So most viewed, today, category, every category possible. So you can see this one has 883 people watching it--oh, I'm sorry, that's the rating. Has a 1 million--1.8 million views. Now, what is the difference between the rating and the views? Well, the views are when somebody goes ahead and clicks on it, and watches it. That makes in count for a view, and that's how it becomes the most viewed clip of the day. The rating is once people are logged in, they can rate that clip. They can rate it, 4 stars, 5 stars, 1 star if they really don't like it. So you may want to utilize the rating as well as the views. For example, we can jump back over here and you can see that this one is pretty highly viewed today, but at 70,000--but it only has a 2 and a half star rating. So you may not want to go ahead and watch that video. Now what the next thing we'll do is we'll tell you a little bit more about the site and how you could find exactly the video that you're looking for, and later we'll show you how to upload your own video.


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