Learning Remote Viewing With Hypnosis

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Remote viewing is possible with hypnosis, get expert tips and advice on healing yourself with hypnosis in this free video.

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Video Transcript

This segment is about remote viewing. I'm going to fill you in on a little history of remote viewing. Back in nineteen seventy-two, a California researcher by the name of Hal Puthoff wanted to study psychic phenomena. He knew that if he actually used the phrase "astral projection" or "astral travel" he'd be a lot less likely to get funding and he was so right. He renamed astral projection with the phrase "remote viewing" and he began to test psychics, a couple of very excellent ones to begin with, Pat Price and Ingo Swann. As they began to develop, they began experimenting with non-psychics and found to their amazement anyone can remote view. So what is remote viewing? In hypnosis, you are able to project your consciousness elsewhere and when I say elsewhere, I mean any where, any where. You can project your consciousness into the past. Visiting a past life is very much a kind of remote viewing. You can go anywhere in the entire universe that you wish to go. You can go into the future. You can go outside the building you are in right now. You can go any where, any when with remote viewing. It is true that not everyone can do it, but almost everyone can do it at least a little bit. Can everyone play the piano? Arguably, ha, ha. Remote viewing is fun and exciting. Care to go to the dark side of the moon? Care to go into the future? Is there any thing or anyone you'd like to have a closer look at? With remote viewing, you can easily do that and by the way, remote viewers use hypnosis. Or they may might call it guided imagery. Or they might call it guided ascension or guided meditation, but they will always use the phrase "altered state." What is the name of that altered state? Hypnosis. What psychics can do is instantly go into an altered state. That is what separates the truly great psychics from an average psychic is the ability and depth unto which they can enter into the altered state known as hypnosis. So if you'd like to go any where, any time, the world is your oyster. You can travel to your heart's content with remote viewing in hypnosis. Thank you for visiting. Thank you.


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