How Hypnosis Helps With Insomnia

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Hypnosis can help you with insomnia, get expert tips and advice on healing yourself with hypnosis in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Heal Yourself with Hypnosis
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Video Transcript

Welcome to spiritual hypnosis. This segment is about learning self-hypnosis for insomnia. Stress and insomnia really do seem to go together almost too well. Part of not being able to sleep is worrying about oh, I can't get to sleep. Hypnosis works so well for insomniacs. And you can, if you wish, buy a CD or something, but why not learn self-hypnosis the easy way, with your friendly neighborhood hypnotist, and I want to give you a brief outline of how that might happen. Here's how I do it with my clients. They come in and I drop them into a lovely deep state of relaxation of hypnosis and then I bring them right back up. Then I teach them a series of signals so that they can activate those signals and instantly return to hypnosis. It would actually look something like this. I'm going into hypnosis, then they'll close their eyes and do a finger drop, and this is their set of signals to themselves to return to that state. Then we practice that a few times. They learn to drop, they learn to emerge. I also teach them how to do that with a time limit. The beauty of this is once they have that basic technique down of how to basically drop into self-hypnosis, then dealing with insomnia is a simple matter of adding to the verbiage, I'm going into hypnosis for an hour, and then into a deep, natural sleep. They'll close their eyes, do the finger drop and within the hour, off they go, sailing into a deep, natural sleep. What hypnosis does for insomnia actually does is it eliminates that worrying that's been keeping you up. It takes you right from how you feel to deep relaxation, and from there it's a simple matter to float off into lullaby land and get that wonderful nights sleep that is so restorative that you need to do the work that you do so well. Thank you.


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