Asking "Do You Speak English?" in Japanese

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Learn how to ask "Do you speak English?" in Japanese with expert Japanese language tips in this free online foreign language video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Learn Japanese Greetings & Questions
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Video Transcript

Our last lesson today is a sentence. It says, "Do you speak English?" Anata wa eigo o hanashi masuka"? It's pretty long, let's break it down. The first word anata is you, and wa works as is, I'm, are, eigo is English in Japanese, o it's uh, it makes an object, okay, hanashi means to speak, masuka is a question. So it runs together, do you speak English? Repeat after me, anata wa eigo o hanashi masuka? It should be very useful when you go to hotels, airports, picking up taxis; especially you are traveling to country side you have to know this sentence. Unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye. So let's say goodbye in Japanese. Japanese goodbye is "sayounara repeat after me sayounara it sound a little bit too dramatic for me, it sounds goodbye forever. So, I use this one "matane", that means see you, see you again, see you soon. Thank you for watching, my name is Yuu Asakura and we went over Japanese greetings, how to introduce yourselves, and how to count in Japanese, how to say goodbye in Japanese. Hope you have a chance to practice what we have learned today with your new Japanese friends or when you go to Japan. If you want to study more Japanese, I'm offering classes and tutoring in LA area. Thank you for watching today and matane.


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