How to Order Food in Japanese

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Learn how to order food in Japanese with expert Japanese language tips in this free online foreign language video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Learn Japanese Greetings & Questions
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Video Transcript

Now, I will teach you a few important words when you go to eat Japanese food. First, we are going to learn how to ask for food. First one: onegaishimasu. That means, "Please give me. . . " The first word, "onegai" means, "to ask". "Shimasu" works as "May I/Can I. . . ?" So it goes, "Can I ask. . . " something. It works with every items, any nouns. For example, if you want to ask for a cab, you can say, "Takushi" - that's how it's pronounced "Taxi" - "Takushi onegaishimasu. " So that works for that, too. Second word is - you probably know it - "arigatou". That means, "Thank you. " Let's practice. Let's say I'm your waitress. If you want to order tea, which is "ocha", how do you say? Yes, "ocha onegaishimasu. " Very good. So now I brought you the tea. How do you say thank you? Yes, that's correct. "Arigatou. "


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