Saying "Good Afternoon" & "Good Night" in Japanese

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Learn how to say "good afternoon" and "good night" in Japanese with expert Japanese language tips in this free online foreign language video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Learn Japanese Greetings & Questions
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Video Transcript

Okay, moving on now we are going to say good afternoon and good evening. First one konnichiwa means good afternoon. Repeat after me konnichiwa. Very good! The next one is konbanwa meaning good evening. You may notice that they sound very similar here nichi and ban is the difference. Nichi means day in Japanese and then ban means evening so there for konnichiwa is good afternoon and konbanwa is good evening. Remember that. So repeat after me konnichiwa, konbanwa. You memorize those words so let's practice. Imagine you meet me in a office and it is 3 pm, how do you greet? That is right konnichwa. You meet me in a restaurant and it is dinner time 7 pm, what do you say? That is right konbanwa. Very good.


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