Easy Japanese Phrases for Restaurants

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Discover practical Japanese phrases and grammar to use in restaurants in this free video on Japanese language and travel.

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Video Transcript

YUU ASAKURA: I want to explain how to eat in Japanese restaurant in Japan. Here sushi restaurant it's all American style but in Japan it's a little bit different. When you walk into the restaurant, in any restaurant in Japan actually, you hear the word irasshaimase which is welcome and they will ask you probably these two questions and first one is "nanei same desu ka?" It's a question asking you how many people. Nanei, na is how--what, nei is number of people. So how many people are there in your party? And that's the first question. And then usually ask you this one "o tabako wa?" Probably you can guess from the word from here tobacco, it's tobacco, it means cigarettes. So they're asking if you smoke or not. In Japan, they still have smoking sections so they ask you if you want a smoking table or no. And the difference in Japan is, the biggest one is that you don't tip the waiters, I mean they're on their job, they--it's their job to be good so that's why--how we think so you don't have to leave the tip. And also you have to take the bill to the cashier; they don't come and get your bills. They do the transaction at--on your way out. And also, you have to call and stop the waiter or waitress with excuse me, the word suimasen yes. They don't come around to ask you questions too many times, they think it's rude to interrupt your dinner if you are with someone or even by yourself; they just leave you alone so that you have a good experience.


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