Practical Japanese Phrases for Emergencies & The Police

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Learn how to learn some practical Japanese phrases for talking to police and get expert tips and instruction on learning some Japanese phrases for traveling in this free foreign language video.

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Video Transcript

So with all the efforts to speak in Japanese, you get lost. Don't worry about it. This is an emergency situation. Usually, maybe you have a map. You can just ask people on the street, where can you get this or get a taxi and get to the hotel. If you're completely lost, or maybe you were robbed and you don't have money, in the emergency situation, you can ask for the police station. OK, this is the one: kouban wa doko desu ka? "Kouban" is the police station in the town. It's not the big, big police headquarters. So you can go there. Maybe you dropped your wallet. So for a simple matter, they're very friendly. So repeat after me: kouban wa doko desu ka? Yes. If you need to go to a police - a big station, "police" is called "keisatsu," and you can ask for that too if you're involved in some incident. And also, when you are traveling, I just wrote an example, it's an American council: America ryojikan. Ryojikan is a part of a consulate, and you can put the country's name right here. If you are French, you can put France, Italy/Italia, China/Chuugoku. And you can ask for them and then find out where they are, or at least a phone number, so you can contact them when you get lost or get in trouble.


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