How to Ask the Time in Japanese

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Learn how to ask for the time in Japanese in this free video on Japanese language and travel.

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Video Transcript

YUU ASAKURA: Now we know how to read the clock in Japanese. Let's practice with the question and answer. The question is "What time is it now?" And in Japanese it goes, "Ima," this one it means "now". "Ima nanji desu ka?" This part "Nanji" is "What time?". So, "What time is it now?" is "Ima nanji desu ka?" Very good. Okay, so I will ask you this question, so you tell me that--let's say right now it's 3:00 p.m. Okay, are you ready? "Ima nanji desu ka?" Yes. It's "Gogo sanji." Okay. So now you ask me what time it is. Let's use this. "Ima gozen ju-ichi-ji desu. Did you hear my answer? Yes, I said "Gozen ju-ichi-ji" Gozen is AM and "Ju-ichi" is eleven. So, I said, "It's 11:00 am. "


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