How to Order at a Bar in Japanese

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Learn how to learn some Japanese phrases for ordering drinks at a bar and get expert tips and instruction on learning some Japanese phrases for traveling in this free foreign language video.

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Video Transcript

So it's your first night in Tokyo. Ok, you're going to a bar or maybe a stylish cafe, and you can still use the magic word "please" here: onegaishimasu. And let's practice. You order something with a quantity, ok? Of course, the first one, something-o. You have the coffee, tea, it's either "kohi." "Tea" is "ocha." And if it's a bar, you can order a beer, which is "biru." That's how it's pronounced in Japanese. And then "Wine" is "wian." If it's red wine, red is "aka," so aka wian. If it's white wine, it's "shiro" - shiro wiam. So we have the product's name here, and you can put the number here. It's one, two, ten, and I have these two counters right here. "Hai" is for glass or a cup. And "hon" - well, it's a cylinder object. If you're ordering a bottle, we count with hon because it's a cylinder. Ok, so let's practice. You want to order two cups of coffee, ok? You say, "Kohi o ni hai onegaishimasu." How do you say, you like three bottles of beer? How do you say? Biru o san hon onegaishimasu. It makes a difference if you're ordering maybe wine. You want red wine: aka wian o. If you say "ippai" that means one glass. But if you say "ippon, that means a bottle of wine. So you want to be a little bit careful with "hai" and "hon."


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