Encouraging Higher Bids in Bachelor Auctions

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Encouraging higher bids can be essential to getting all the money you can for that charity, learn how to organize a charity function to raise money in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Remember higher bids equal more money raised. I want to give you some tips and things that will help you in your fundraiser. First of all, I give all the bachelors a prominent name tag that's says, "Hi, my name is Greg. I'm bachelor number 12." Whatever you do, that encourages conversation and it lets women approach the bachelors and address them by name, which already creates and friendly relationship. Next, you'll want those recommended descriptions on display. Once you get bachelor questionnaires returned, maybe several weeks or at least a week before your event, use that to create those description sheets we talked about in an earlier segment and put funny and interesting tidbits about each bachelor on display. You might also put out a photo with that as well. However, I would hand every attendee a catalog. What I like about this catalog is that it has a simple photo and just a quick glimpse of personality for each of the bachelors. It's enough to be intriguing and send them to your colorful display so they can get more information. In fact, they'll have some fun matching photos to the dressed and very polished gentlemen who are wandering and mingling around your pre cocktail reception time. Let's talk about other way to raise more money. Bid cards. I would give each attendee an actual physical bid card so that they have a number, which is assigned to them. If you're theming you might make pink bid cards for Valentine's day or maybe even heart shaped bid cards on a stick. In fact, you could even make bid cards that have the different bachelor's photos on them. That really personalizes it. Another thing that will help is spotlight interviews. Your auctioneer or MC can pull different bachelors aside and do some quick questions with them. You could have dancing displays. In fact, we've had a lot of fun with 'All bachelors on the stage!', and then have them do all kinds of various things like 20 seconds of dancing or even, if it's appropriate for your event, remove one article of clothing in a sexy way. Typically, that's just a tie, but it certainly adds a little bit of flavor and energy to your reception and mingling time. Thank of every excuse to pull your bachelor up on stage. Interview them, spotlight them or give them some promotion, and you're going to get higher bids. Higher bids means more money raised.


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