Creating an Audience for a Bachelor Auction

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Creating and audience for a bachelor auction can be difficult, learn how to organize a charity function to raise money in this free video.

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We are up to key number eight, which is developing your audience. Well let's talk about attendance. First of all of course figure out how many attendees will comfortably fit and enjoy your venue. While you do want to have a nice crowd, you also don't want it to feel too crowded, so keep that in mind. Now, you want to target your audience, of course we are looking for the people who can attend and spend. Remember they have to be able to afford to bid on behalf of a fund raiser and you probably don't want the actual packages to sell for $35 when you much rather them to sell for $350 or maybe $1,000 each. Remember you are having a fund raiser. Now, since this is a more light hearted fund raiser there is a party component to it and there is something to be said for having a lot of people in the room, because even those who are not bidding are adding a lot of energy and remember live auctions are almost like a tennis match. You are watching bids go across the room and that way even if you are not bidding your still feel like you are part of the action. So, let's talk about four ways to develop your audience; sponsorships, tickets, marketing and advertising. Sponsorships mean that the bachelors or the organizers will find companies that will simply write checks to the benefiting organization and then get recognition for that. Perhaps each bachelor could bring in a sponsor to present himself. ABC Company presents Joe Smith and that way we get some cash donations for your cause and also do some sponsorships. Now, ticket sales again, I wouldn't price your tickets too very high because you do want more energy in the room but remember if they can't afford a ticket then they probably can't afford to bid on a bachelor, so do keep that in mind. Next, marketing, you can market your event through a website, word of mouth, fliers at area businesses, you can speak at networking groups or post on a community website. I would not pay for advertising for a bachelor auction unless you have a well established event and you are going to make that money back. A great way is to give your bachelors a goal to promote himself by bringing perhaps 10 friends or you might even think about a prize; the bachelor that checks in the most people who came specifically to support him wins some sort of sport tickets or some other enticing prize and that creates some friendly competition. All of these will build an audience who wants to attend, spend, and support your cause.


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