How to Teach your Child about Colors

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Preschool prep for parents. Learn how to teach your child about colors to get them ready for preschool in this free video on preschool readiness.

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Video Transcript

Hi I’m Ann from Expert Village and I’m here to talk to you about colors and how you can best teach them to your child and be ready for preschool. If you look around your home you will see that there are objects in your home that you could point out and show your child about colors. For example here is a plastic fruit, and you can say oh my goodness let’s see what color this is, so here we have for example one thing you can find around your home to use. Another object for example is the American flag, I’m sure when you’re out in public or in private, you can go over the colors of a flag, my point here is you can find things around your home and when you go out to the market or an outing, point out to your child my goodness look at that banana, it’s yellow. And you’re emphasizing in a fun and informal way and start pointing out colors to your child. This is an important concept to teach and to have them start realizing before they start school, it’s a big heads up to start the school year especially for Pre-K. Again these are some objects I found in my home, these are lego toys that you can use to again point out colors as well as shapes, this is another example of things that are commonly found in the home that you can use as a teaching tool. We can now go for example to books, when you’re reading a book to your child, you can go over the illustrations and point out the various colors you find within the book. And there are many great books you can find at the library and obviously at your local bookstore.


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