Tips for Cleaning Your Scratched DVDs

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Watch an expert demonstrate how to clean home electronics and fixing DVD scratches in this free how-to video on cleaning personal electronics.

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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Bobby Hester on behalf of In this next clip, we’re going to demonstrate how to remove scratches from a DVD. Like I said in the clip before, most of your problems with a DVD not playing properly, or CD, would be a smudge or fingerprint. If you happen to notice that there is a major scratch on the disc, you can hold in a light at a slight angle, and they really show up. If you see a scratch and the disc is starting to skip, there are products out there that will fill in that hole, that little scratch, and make it all smooth once again. If you hold the DVD up to the light, and you see that there is a hole, there is a little spot where you see light through on the disc, then that is not repairable. On DVDs, the information is actually written on the label side. The bottom is actually clear and the laser goes through and writes the 1s and 0s on the bottom of the label side. If you were to get a scratch on the label that goes all the way through, that’s going to permanently destroy the disc. If it’s not to where you can hold it up and see light, then there is a possible chance that you can repair the disc. I purchased this scratch removable kit, and there are lots of them out there on the market. This is just one that I picked. They all work fairly similarly. Just make sure that if you’re not using this one that you just follow instruction manual very closely. I have a really bad scratch right here. I’m going to take the scratch remover. It says to place two dots, two drops on it on the trouble area. We’re going to smear that in just over the trouble area, just so that it covers up all those that real bad scratch. Now we need to let this set for about 5-10 minutes. What it’s going to do is it’s just going to harden and attach to disc, and then we can buff it off and it’s going to take out that scratch. We’ll give this about 5-10 minutes. Okay, we’ve allowed our scratch removal formula to set for about 10 minutes. Now, we’re just going to start to remove it and buff it out. We always start from the center and work our way to the outside. Just pull strokes all the way out until we remove all the excess scratch remover. Now that that’s done, we need to polish it. We’ll get a fresh polishing pad and we’ll get our polishing solution. We’ll spray it on the disc. In the same manner, we start from the center and work away to the outside. Center to the outside. There we have it., we’ve cleaned our disc.


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