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Watch an expert demonstrate some great tips on cleaning the computer's mouse in this free how-to video on cleaning personal electronics.

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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Bobby Hester on behalf of In this next clip, we’re going to demonstrate how to clean a computer mouse. The mouse has come a long ways in the last few years. The old mouse used to have an actual ball on the bottom of the mouse. Movement of the ball would determine where the pointer on the computer would go. They replaced those recently with an optical mouse. I was really surprised the other day, I couldn’t find a ball mouse anywhere in the stores anymore. They’re outdating those all together. If you have the old ball type mouse, there is a little lock on the bottom that you twist and the ball will come out. What you’ll do then is you’ll get a rag and dip it in alcohol. You wipe the ball all the way down, and get all the dirt and grime off the ball. Then on the inside of the mouse, there’re two little bars. Also with the rag, wipe those bars with any kind of grit and grime that can build up. Those ball mouse, tend to collect a lot of grit and grime. This one is an optical mouse and still you can see that the feet are collecting a lot of junk from the table. Perhaps that’s a Coke that got spilled, or just dirt or whatever. You need to clean those from time to time. The way that we’re going to cleaning those is with some alcohol. Going again to our trusty alcohol wipes. I’m going to get a couple, because this mouse is really dirty. It looks like it has been a while since it’s been cleaned. You just rub it down. It’s amazing that alcohol will cut right through that grit and grim real quick. Just get into the bottom of surface nice and clean. Go ahead and wipe the top and all little crevices. If you’ve got a lot of junk that’s inside the little cracks there, you can blow it off with some air. Also, there is a little hole right here where the lens of the optical mouse is. If you soak that in alcohol; if you soak a Q-Tip in alcohol, just a couple drops. Now you can reach right in and clean the lens of the optical mouse. Work it around and get all the dust out and it looks pretty good. That’s how to clean a mouse.


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