Personal Cleaning Tips for CRT Glass Tube Monitors

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Learn some great tips and techniques for cleaning a glass tube CRT monitor in this free how-to video on cleaning personal electronics.

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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Bobby Hester on behalf of In this next clip, we’re going to discussing how to clean a CRT monitor properly. CRT monitors are little more hardy than some of the LCD or plasma monitors. They’ve actually got a glass tube, it’s a vacuum tube. Being that it’s glass, it’s little more hardy. You could actually use Windex or something like that, but I still prefer to use the electronic wipes on the monitor just to prevent any dust. I notice that the electronic wipes really suck up the dust very well off the monitor. You just scrub the monitor. This one in particular needs to be cleaned all way around. You can use the wipes on every part of the monitor. This really, really sucks up that dust real quick, and just discard them and throw them away. Like I said, if you want to use Windex or whatever on the screen itself that will be great. It worked fine for a CRT monitor. You don’t necessarily want to do that with a LCD or your plasma television. I’m going to just get all of the spots off there. Then if you want, just get a soft cloth, and if there is any little hanging pieces, you just kind of buff them out and get a real nice slick finish. Get all the little last stragglers of dust off the monitor, and there you have it. We have a clean CRT monitor.


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