Front Raise Exercises For Travel Fitness

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Front arm raise exercises work the shoulder muscles. This free video will show you how to do front arm raises while traveling.

Part of the Video Series: How to Exercise When Traveling
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Video Transcript

Hi I’m Manny Castro, exercise physiologist. This next exercise is called the front raise and I am using the longer resistance tube but I am also using the thicker resistance and again, this is of choice. Now basically what I’ve done is I’ve hooked on the hand grips. I do want to use these so my wrists and hands will be comfortable and I am stepping on the resistance tubing with both feet to put more resistance and make the resistance tubing shorter. What I’ll do is with my palms facing the floor, my starting position will be right here and I’ll raise up to about shoulder level, hold it for a second, pause and then right back now. Generally on all these exercises, what I want to do is when I raise I am going to go for the count of 3 and the count of 3 on the way down. What you are trying to achieve by doing this is a nice slow controlled deliberate movement and this is a more effective way of working out. If you will notice, I am also doing one hand. We can do 2 hands if we wanted to and basically all we need to do is adjust the length and make sure you start in a position with both hand grips even and then what you will do is raise up. Again, elbows are straight, arms are straight and palms are facing down. Once again 3 sets of about 15 to 20 repetitions.


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