Staying Comfortable When Traveling

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Traveling usually involves long periods of time in cars or on airplanes. Let this free travel video show you how to stay comfortable whether in a car, a plane, or even just while staying in a strange hotel room.

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Video Transcript

Some things that you can take with you to make you feel a little bit more comfortable when you are the fish out of water while traveling are. My favorite thing is the eye mask. This little dream essential thing is amazing. It's padded. When you're on a plane, when you have jet lag, when you've been up all night and need to sleep during the day, this guy comes in so handy. It could be a life saver. Mine happens to have a little pocket here that I can put a tissue, Advil, or ear plugs in. If you're in a noisy hostel or there are horns honking outside or hyenas laughing, it is so good to just have these 2 things to zone out and it'll make your life so much better. When you're on the plane for your comfort and for your health to get up, walk around, do stretches because of deep vein thrombosis, VDT. You can get that from sitting down for too long. Just be cautious, be aware. The neck rest, I think that's so good. They're inflatable, you can pack them easily. They even have them where you can wrap them around in front so you can maneuver your head and have support. I like to take, and this is odd to some people. A grown woman carrying stuffed animal with her. This guy comes in really handy when sleeping against a train, plane or automobile, good for my lap if I want to write or read a book. I like to sleep with a pillow between my legs, it's perfect. If you're in a hotel or something where they don't even have a pillow or it's not existent, Stella the stingray comes in handy.


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