Managing Your Money When Traveling

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Hopefully you will not need to deal with stolen credit cards or other money issues when you travel. Just in case this happens to you, make sure that you are prepared! This free travel video will help make sure that if this happens to you, you will be covered.

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Video Transcript

Dealing with the financial aspects of traveling is inevitable. I suggest calling all of your financial institutions before you hit the road. Call your bank. Let them know you're going to be out of the country. Your credit cards, your ATM. Let them know so that they don't think someone has stolen your card and gone partying in Morocco. I always like to make photocopies of my cards, the front in the back, just in case. Put one in your checked bag, one in your carry on. Give one to your friend like if you're traveling with a buddy. Just in case everything of yours falls into the Atlantic, then you've got a backup. A calculator. Mine is on my phone and this can prove valuable. Whenever you're doing the exchange rates. If you're at the ATM you want to know how much money you're getting out. If you're in the market, your bargaining, and haggling with somebody, you can just show them the number and save everyone a lot of confusion. Money belts. That's everyone's favorite travel accessory. You can wear them on your waist, around your neck, around your leg. Wherever you want to put your valuables. Also, I think that...even though these are not very attractive, have a little photo of yourself ready to go because you never know when you may need a Visa, get Visa made or to a particular entrance somewhere. Like Anchor what, you have to have your photo on your pass or the Paris Metro. Just be prepared. Also, if you happen to be in college or still fall into the student realm, always good to bring your college ID or international student card. You can get discounts museums and parks and places like that. I like to e-mail myself every vital piece of information. My credit card numbers, my embassy numbers, anything that I might need, or if my cards get stolen, a number to call. I e-mail to myself, I text to myself, I write it in my travel book. Just in case kind of thing. It never hurts to be too prepared. Your passport, keep that on you at all times and have copies of it everywhere. A lot of times when you check into a hotel you have to give them your passport. I like to give them a copy of it if they'll take that. Also, I find having the good old American dollar on you never hurts because you get in a pickle, it seems to work. I just got back from southeast Asia and it helped to have a lot of small bills because very conveniently a lot of taxi drivers or vendors they just don't have the change for you. Just be prepared and everything should be fine.


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