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A first-aid kit can be invaluable when traveling. Make sure that you have one and that you are prepared with the right medical supplies when traveling. This free travel video will help you put your first aid kit together.

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Video Transcript

I think it's very wise for everyone to have a first aid kit when you travel, and you know what you need for yourself. Always before you go get things cleared away with you medical insurance. Know what your health care is covering. Mine happens to be Blue Cross. Whenever I'm away they say just go get the medical care that I need and they'll reimburse me. Luckily, I have not had to cash in on that just yet. I think that prevention is the way to go. Just say off any illnesses before it happens. So plenty of rest, plenty of water. Hydration is key. I like to take vitamins, and I take them in individual little packets so that I don't have to be fumbling with lids and I can just toss the package when I'm done. On the plane, you're already sleep deprived. I like Airborne. A little packet of emergency. Just boost your immune system. That works for me. If you have preexisting illness, go to your doctor and go ahead and get a prescription. This was for strep throat. If you have high blood pressure, blood clots. Whatever your particular issue is then be prepared. Birth control, condoms. If you don't use them, your friend might. I think it's just better to be prepared. If you're going to a jungle bring of your Off. Mosquitoes are not your friend. Yes, it's kind of yucky to put chemicals on you but it's better than malaria. The little samples that you get from your doctor, this is the time to bring them. Your allergy, little Benadryl. I like to just take the foil wrapper apart. You don't need the box or the bottle. Just save space. Just your Advil, Neosporin, bandages for little cuts and scrapes. If you're doing any extreme sports, if you're hiking, biking, rafting. A heat wrap. Aching muscles at the end of the day. It feels good. If you're scuba diving, know where your hyper bear chamber is. My brother, he's living in Cambodia right now and he always carries around a syringe with him just in case if he's in a dodging area. You don't want foreign needles being stuck into you. Just be prepared.


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