Direct Sunlight Conditions: Container Gardening Tips, Ideas & Advice

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Learn how to build a container garden in direct sunlight in this free home gardening video. Get beginner gardening tips, ideas & advice.

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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of Expert Village, I would like to talk to you about container gardening. In choosing plants for a sunny area, you want to be sure of a couple of things. One that they are a right plant for a sunny area, two if it is a right plant for a sunny area am I putting it with other plants in that container that are going to need the same conditions. Some plants like cacti and succulents need very very little water to get by so it wouldn’t make them a good mix with say, a flower that is more used to a garden border type presence. Most of the plants that we put together here in this case will work together very nicely. Full sun plants include things like petunias, browallias, verbenas, lobelia a nice blue. Gerbera daisy’s, I love that color. Ageratum, snap dragons. We have a couple of different types of ageratum. We have a smaller one here and a taller type here and that’s something to remember. When you are picking the plant is to pick the types that are going to fit the size of your container. This container I want a tall narrow effect so I’ve chosen tall narrow plants that are going to give me that kind of look. I’ve also because this is going out in a hot, hot area where the base of the perennial board is to either side is based on blues, pinks and purples. I want to stick to cooler colors. So we are going to plant the center part of our container with a nice blue ageratums. We are going to pack these guys in here. One help to support each other and secondly, to offer a little bit more of a mask. These guys could look really tall and spindly if there were all on their lonesome might creating a mass of foliage in the middle like this will get a good look. Then we are going to go around the outside with the snapdragons and boralius. This is going to give me that white which allowed me to work with almost any other color and another nice cool blue. Along with the blue container, this is sort of a monochromatic thing where we offered not a whole lot of color, just the blues and whites but a very tall and inviting presence and its going to make the other containers with brighter colors in them stand out even more. Remember when you are choosing plants for that sunny area; make sure that they match up before you put them in the container. Think about doing the containers in the sunny areas like group containers like this or sometimes single plant containers where just one species is going into the container. Remember again, the container colors and the container shapes have a lot to do with how your container garden turns out. So have fun!


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