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Purchasing an RV or camper is an important decision and your purchase should be protected. Benefit packages and warranties are offered by most dealerships. This free video clip will guide you through the various benefit packages that a dealership may offer.

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Video Transcript

This is a tape entitled: How to Purchase an RV. Now, once again, after you have agreed upon the price and you've agreed upon the monthly payment and all the stuff that you need to know in order to make a valid decision, you need to start talking, or thinking about a benefits package. And what kind of benefits does the dealership have for you. The first one that comes to mind is the extended warranty. Now, if it's a used camper, then I suggest to you very adamantly that you do purchase an extended warranty. Most of your banks want you to get an extended warranty and they'll roll it right into the monthly payment if you wanted to, because of the fact they know that if the camper works, you're going to go camping and you?re going to make the payments. So if you get a used one, by all means, look into the extended warranty program. If you're buying a new one, now granted, you're going to get a manufacturer's warranty. Make sure that when you talk to the business manager and to your salesperson that they explain that extended warranty very well. What does it cover? How long does it last? Is it five years, is it ten years, is it twelve months bumper to bumper, is there a ninety day adjustment policy in there, do they cover the service calls? These are a lot of facts that you need to know. But by all means, if you're going to finance this for the next ten, fifteen, or twenty years, extend your protection. Because once that manufacturer's warranty is out, you're on your own. Now I'm going to talk to you about another program that we do here called Seal Test. Not every dealership does that because it's a pretty expensive machine. But asked the dealer that you're talking with, do you do a seal test? Let me explain to you a seal test. Very simply, with a seal test, we put this very expensive machine up on one of your roof vents, it pressurizes the inside of your cabin of our RV, and then we spray this soapy film around all of the seams, windows, doors, and if there's a leak anywhere, it bubbles up. We mark it, we come back and we reseal it. The worst enemy that you can get in an RV is water damage. It can get in your roof, your walls, your floors...a lot of times you can be parked on a slight incline and it may be leaking up front, but it will roll down the rafters and actually come out in the bathroom. So we as consumers assume that it's leaking in the bathroom. Now, with the seal test machine, it will pinpoint it, that well. We seal it, and we go from there. We also suggest that our people come back about once every twelve months and do a reseal. The reason for that is because we want to keep that water out of there. It's not that expensive, write the check, because what you want to do is protect your investment.


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