How Do You Want to Use an RV or Camper?

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Anyone considering an RV or camper purchase should have a good idea of how they want to use it before making the purchase. Let this free video clip help to guide you to ask the right questions when buying a recreational vehicle.

Part of the Video Series: How to buy RV's & Pop-Up Campers
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Video Transcript

This is a tape entitled How to Purchase an RV. How are you going to use your RV? That is very important when you are deciding to purchase one. Number one again, are you using it for family camping? If you are, there are certain things you need to know about. Do you have a place for your bike rack? Are there kids involved? Are there pets involved? A lot of our customers now days are using their RV's for camping with their pets because face it, most motels don't want. We do. Campgrounds won't. We want you out there having fun. So first of all you have to figure out, how are you going to use your RV? Is it weekends, is it for a week, is it for 2 weeks during the summer, is it winter, is it the cold weather? All of these things are very important when picking out your particular RV. Now we have some consumers who actually use these for their work. They may be in construction, they may be in retailing. We have a lot of traveling nurses that actually are part of our group here and they use their campers full time. So if it is full time, is it cold weather? Do you need a full package? What do you need for your camper? These are the questions that you need to ask your salesman and your salesman needs to ask you. Are you going to use it full time? If you are going to use it full time and we are going to talk about this later on, there is a different type of insurance policy that you need to use your camper for more than 180 days most policies during that period. So make sure you sit down and talk with your salesman and figure out how you are going to use your camper because that is what is important. Your use.


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