Tightening Loose Handrails for Deck Care & Maintenance

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Learn how to tighten loose handrails on your deck for care and maintenance in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Deck Care and Maintenance
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Video Transcript

Hi this is Drew Finn for expertvillage.com we are going to talk about cleaning and maintaining a deck. This video is presented by Black Dog Video and you can visit us on the web on blackdogvideo.biz. Now if the handrails are loose we've got to secure it to the post. This particularly one is secure. This one has screws here and here which you can tighten up if it was loose. Also another thing to tighten up it would work real good it is a metal bracket you can add one in here you can paint it the same color. But that would make a very secure connections a metal bracket like this a flat metal and we but a couple of screws here and a couple of screw here, If you did have one that was loose. So now we have tighten the post up, we have tighten up the handrail up, so we have a secure base for child safety, for you pets, and for you guest because some people lean up on the handrails and stuff. Remember they are suppose to take a two hundred pound force this way leaning on the handrail and if so the connections here are absolutely critical it would be good and firm and tight and secure. You want to look if just little finishing nails some times people just tack them up and make them look good. You got to make sure that there is a screw in there. Not even a nail; nails can loosen to easily so make sure that there are screws in there and that there are snug and adequate and the wood around them has not split. That way we have nice safe handrail, safe deck, and that is probably the most important things in maintaining your deck. Now when you test the handrail if it is loose due to the post the post could be moving back and forth we got to snug down the post. If they are originally constructed in a pour fashion where they nailed them in you can try to tighten them up but they would loosen again very quickly. I would put lag bolts if that was the case. In this case we have carriage bolts that go right through with a nut on the back. So can go down and check the nut. This one is a little loose. Snug it by hand and then we would take a wrench and we will tighten it down. You want to get it good and snug but you don't want to go to the place where the wood starts crunching because you are just crushing the wood and it could loosen up again. So what I'll do tighten this down. This one we got two bolts. That one is snug already. So we just snug it down to a good amount measuring foot pound. I pushed on that pretty hard and that is tight. That would tighten this up. You might notice in the construction of this particularly one there is another board put inside to make it even stiffer. On a lot of decks you'll find that you got the joist here you got another one here and the post although you have tighten it, it still rocks back and forth. What you could do if you had another one here is put a solid piece of wood in between the two of them nail them together that would stiffing the outer post a lot. That is good and secure now that we have tighten it underneath.


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