How To Do A Black Hops Yo-Yo Trick

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How to do the black hops trick with your Yo-Yo in this free yo-yo video.

Part of the Video Series: How To Do Expert Yo-Yo Tricks: Part 2
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Video Transcript

This is part two to black hops. We showed you part one of black hops which is this movement. It starts with triple or nothing and it brings you back to a trapeze. I'll try that again. So from a trapeze the part to black hop looks like this and we're just going to start from a trapeze for now and we'll put it together at the end. You're actually popping the yo-yo up and shooting your finger down over the string like so. Ends you in kind of an awkward looking triple or nothing. You drop those fingers and roll out and you're back in a trapeze again. To do this, this is a little trickier going back up than it was going down. What you need to do is pop the yo-yo up and you take your throw hand pointer finger and you bring it down over the string. That yo-yo is going to land on that string and that's what causes it to start going up. Every time you start from trapeze, you pop it up and bring your finger down on the string. The second movement is the same thing, you're popping it up expect this time you're bringing your left pointer over the string and then you bring it up and up like so. Again, this is one that's not especially complicated, it just takes a lot of practice. So just take it from here, practice these movements, get them really flowing tune, practice getting your spacing out, that's one thing a lot of people have a hard time with when they're doing it. Make sure the strings are spaced well so when you do go to hit it you won't have any problems with it hitting more than one string. The whole trick together starts with a triple or nothing, bounce it all the way down, bounce it all the way up. That's the end of part two, put them together it's black hops.


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