How To Do The Boingy Boing Yo-Yo Trick

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How to do the Boingy Boing trick with your Yo-Yo in this free yo-yo video.

Part of the Video Series: How To Do Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks
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Video Transcript

The next trick I'm going to teach you guys is boingy boing. This is a very cool looking trick. This is one of those tricks that once you learn it, you're really going to start impressing people. They're going to really start noticing your yo-yoing skills. They're going to start calling you the yo-yo guy, the yo-yo man. It's cool I guess. This is the trick. Boingy boing. Learn split bottom mount if you haven't already because that's what it starts with. You get into split bottom mount. Actually it's boinging back in between the strings if you want to say that. Just bounces back and forth. Definitely, a very cool looking trick, a very impressive trick. It takes a good amount of practice to get this motion down, but once you have it, it's not too hard to do. Like I said, it's going to be impressive. What you want to do, starts with split bottom mount. Get a really strong sleeper so you can give yourself some time to get into this. It's kind of like split the atom where you brought your hand underneath, but instead of going completely underneath, you stop right underneath the yo-yo. It's kind of like a stalled mach 5, but you're not in the right mount. From there what you want to do is you get into this. Watch my throw hand here. I just start bouncing up and down. If you have both strings lined up and you start doing this, the yo-yo is going to start bouncing between those 2 strings. My finger is actually doing this. It's just going straight up and down. The more you exaggerate this motion as you're doing it, the larger the yo-yo is going to be bouncing between those 2 strings and the cooler the trick's going to look. Practice up and down like that. Make sure that the yo-yo is lined up with the string. Let me show you from this angle. See how wind up the string is in the center there, so when I start bouncing it, it's kind of like the yo-yo has nowhere else to go but back and forward. The larger I make those up and down motions; the more the yo-yo shoots forward back and forth like so. If I keep that string dead center, that yo-yo is just going to stay on there for as long as I keep bouncing my hand. When you're ready to stop, you just stop the bouncing, you're back where you started. I just usually drop my right hand pointer out of there and bind our turn. One more time, boingy boing. Starts with a split bottom mount. You bring it up, makes the boing moition. Practice that. It's going to take a while, but you'll get it. Then when you're all set, you can either drop it. Another good way is use ripcord that I taught you earlier. Just like that. It's a good dismount; it's a good way to look. Just like that, boingy boing. Go impress people.


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