How To Do The Plastic Whip Yo-Yo Trick

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How to do the Plastic Whip trick with your Yo-Yo in this free yo-yo video.

Part of the Video Series: How To Do Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks
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Video Transcript

Next trick I'm going to teach you is called plastic whip. It sounds really funny, but it's a cool trick. For this trick you're going to need an unresponsive yo-yo. You don't want your yo-yo going back; you want it dead. I'm going to jerk on it and it's not going to come back. Your trick looks like this. Let me show you real quick. You whip the string over the yo-yo and it catches. It's really fancy looking; it's really cool. It's a bit whipping motion, catches the string. When you first start practicing you're going to miss this a lot. This one takes a lot of practice but it's worth it. It looks cool, stylish. Once you hit it you can kind of go into a brain twister if you want and drop it out. It's definitely worth practicing. What you do is you throw a strong sleeper. You take your throw hand, use your thumb, and push into that string backwards like that. Let me show you from this angle. It looks just like that. I just take my thumb, push into the string. From this angle, I do this here. What you're doing is taking that end and making a motion that goes up and over. What that causes the string to do is shoot over that thumb and continue going. It makes a little loop and that's what the yo-yo whips onto. Let me show you. It looks like that. Try practicing and doing it like this. You hold your hand like so and you whip forward like so. You need to bring your yo-yo a little bit closer to your hand as you do it to make sure the string is loose enough to whip around like so. When you do this trick with a sleeping yo-yo, you're not only doing that whipping part, but you're also jerking at the yo-yo up into the air. What you need to do is jerk it up high enough so that loop that you create can shoot around the yo-yo. Jerk the yo-yo up, you take your thumb, do that move I taught you with the thumb pointed forwards, and you bring that hand in forward like that. You see that loop created shoots around the yo-yo like so. Let me show you from this side. String's coming over my thumb, I'm coming down, I'm whipping the string over the yo-yo like so. Just practice this one a lot. Eventually, you'll start catching. When you first start, you might catch it backwards. Something like that. The string will be kind of tangled like so. It's close enough. Eventually, the string is going to go on the right side anyways and you'll be all set. That is plastic whip.


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