How To Do The Drop In the Bucket Yo-Yo Trick

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How to do the drop in the bucket Yo-Yo trick in this free yo-yo video.

Part of the Video Series: How To Do Intermediate Yo-Yo Tricks
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Video Transcript

The next trick is called drop in the bucket. It's a cool looking trick. It looks kind of a like a mount. It's fun to learn and it's pretty impressive. Let me show you what it looks like real quick. Bring your hand over, you grab the string, and you land it into the middle of the string. It's cool looking. You have a strong wrapped around both fingers, you're holding, yo-yo's dead in the center. Later on I'm going to teach you a cool trick where you balance it. For now, you're just learning how to land into it. What you want to do is you throw a breakaway. This time, instead of just swinging it and catching, you're actually just throwing a breakaway. Let it sit down like that on the floor. Don't touch the floor, but hold it there. Then you're come back up here. What you want to do is take your non-throw hand, and instead of being on this side of the string, bring to the other side of the string like so. Let me point this way so I can show you. Comes like so. Make an L again with your non-throw hand. You bring the string around your thumb. Bring the string around your pointer like that. It's kind of like if you made a gun shooting motion like that. It comes around your thumb, it comes around your pointer finger like so. Then you take your throw hand and you go under the string that you just brought across and you grab that string that's coming down like so. This is the one that the yo-yo is connected to. You bring it up and then this is what you're actually landing the yo-yo on. Let me show you with the yo-yo spinning. Get the yo-yo spinning, get a really strong breakaway. It comes around; I come underneath and grab this string. I pull it up like so and I swing the yo-yo. This may take a little practice, but you swing it and shoot it into the middle of the string like so. It's called drop in the bucket. Once you're out of there, just swing it back out and catch. The whole trick looks like this. It's a cool looking trick. You can really get swinging as you're doing it and make it look really fluent like so. Shoot it back out and practice that and you'll be impressing people.


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