How To Do The Flying Trapeze Yo-Yo Trick

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How to do the man in the flying trapeze Yo-Yo trick in this free yo-yo video.

Part of the Video Series: How To Do Intermediate Yo-Yo Tricks
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Video Transcript

Okay, next trick is man on the flying trapeze. A lot of people call this just trapeze abbreviated, it's pretty cool. The trick itself is another trick where you want to practice. You want this strong because a lot of the tricks we're going to be working on I'm just going to say you do a trapeze, so you have to know it. What you do is you start with a breakaway. I'm going to show you what it looks like. It shoots right onto the string like so. It's spinning on there. Then just get it back to your hand. That's called man on the flying trapeze. What you want to do is you throw a strong breakaway like so and instead of catching it when it's at your shoulder, take your non-throw hand, bring your pointer finger out. The yo-yo is going to go under your pointer finger. It's going to shoot around it and that's what brings is onto the string. One of the things to keep in mind is the more you throw out in this direction and the kind of higher you go, you get a little bit more of a swinging motion. It's going to swing slower and it's going to give you more time than if you try and just shoot it across like I was saying before. Get a really good swinging motion. As it's coming across, you bring your pointer as close to the yo-yo as possible. Notice that if I bring my pointer finger right next to it, it's going to be a lot easier to catch because the yo-yo doesn't have as far to go. If I try and catch a trapeze and my finger is all the way over there, I'm going to have a heck of a time trying to land that. It's not impossible. You can do it, but you're going to be giving yourself a lot easier time if you just bring your finger as close to that yo-yo as possible. It's good to practice doing what I was just doing there. If you throw a strong breakaway, practice getting on, and then you can let it go off and swing back on. Just practice catching the trapeze. This is a really important trick. It's really impressive. If you stop and you go you want to see a cool trick, do a trapeze. Hold it there. A lot of people don't even know yo-yos can spin like this at the end of the string. They'll be impressed. You can also dismount it. 2 ways. You can either just pop it off. It comes right off the string. Catch it, pop it right off. A little bit of a cooler way that I like to do is you bring your hands together and you just pull straight up. It actually pops the yo-yo into the air. From there, the yo-yo is actually going to shoot down into your hand. You want to pop it up and then have your hand open underneath. It'll shoot straight up into a catch. You can also bring your hand across and swing it out. It's something you can work on. It's not important. That's man flying the trapeze.


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