Watering Carnivorous Plants

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Watering carnivorous plants is similar to watering regular plants, learn how to care for meat-eating plants like the Venus Fly Trap in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Understanding Carnivorous Plants
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Video Transcript

In this video segment I’m going to talk to you about watering your carnivorous plants. If you want to know more about these plants you can visit us at Equilibriocarnivorousplants.com. One of the most common mistakes that people make with growing their carnivorous plants is watering them the wrong way. You want to make sure that when you’re watering them that the only type of water that you is either distilled water or rain water, any other type of water can kill these plants very quickly especially if there’s chlorine in them like you would get from your tap water. So one of the easiest ways to water your plants is just keeping them in standing water - like this tray here. We can put these plants directly in the water so that the soil is kept completely moist. Another way that you can water the plants is by misting them with distilled water of course. Nepenthes or your Tropical Pitcher plants love to be misted down; you also want to make sure that the pitchers are kept slightly full of water, about half way. Sometimes when you’re transporting these plants the water can be dumped out of the pitchers, the pitchers will quickly die if they’re not about half way full of water. These watering instructions apply to most carnivorous plant species like the North American Pitcher Plant, the Sundew and the Venus flytrap.


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