Learn the 1 Up, 2 Up Scarf Juggling Technique

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Learn scarf juggling techniques such as juggling with one up and two up in this free juggling video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Juggle Scarves
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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Adria. I am one of the professional jugglers here at Expert Village.com. We are doing scarf juggling patterns. Oh! This is so exciting. Now, we have learned a special hold with the scarfs. We have learned how scarfs differ from balls and that rather than throwing them in the air, we are lifting them and dropping them and catching them as they fall. Look at that, see how slowly they fall, it is very forgiving. We have plenty of time to catch. Well now we just learned the basis for one up two up, which is one up two up, one two, one two lift and drop. Well now just like with balls, we are going to learn some variations on the one up two up patterns, which all involve what we thought of as cheating with the balls, here we go. One hand will do two scarfs and one hand will just do one paralleling the outside scarf so that the right arm is doing all the work. Alternatively, we can have two paralleling each other, which is also known as a split. A split can be done with balls, clubs or scarfs. We have two going at the same time next to each other parallel like that. This is called a right hand split because the right hand is doing one that is different from the other two. This is known as a left hand split because the left hand is doing the two, is doing the one that differs from the other two. Let me try that one again up and I am dropping, but as you can see they fall slowly, here we go. Now another variation is just like with the balls. We are going to have two going and look one underneath a weave. Now, I tend to weave randomly with my left arm going either above or below my right arm depending on the height of the scarfs. I can also do this using the scarfs going up in my left hand with the right arm weaving underneath them. Depending on the speed that they are, the height that they are, will determine whether my right arm above my left arm or my right arm below my left arm. And as you can tell I am doing a lot of hard breathing with the scarfs because you think that if scarfs fall gently that is actually less work but because one uses one wholes arm rather than just the forearms with the balls. It actually winds one more, one needs to breathe more and those are variations of the one up two up pattern.


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