Cat's Cradle Made Simple for Diabolo Juggling

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Learn how to do an easy version the cat's cradle juggling trick with diabolo sticks in this free juggling video series.

Part of the Video Series: Introduction to Diabolo Juggling
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Video Transcript

We are running through diabolo series. Now when I first taught you to start I taught you this but you are watching me do this move. That is actually called the whip start. I will give you step by step instructions on how to do that. It is very simple. You can either start at a standstill or start with a little rolling momentum. You are whipping the left arm first in first of your right hand, then behind, then in front, then behind; something I didn’t teach you earlier. If the front of the diabolo starts tilting up you move your right arm forward and the string pushes it down. If the back end starts tilting up, you pull your right hand back and the string makes that end tilt down. The same holds true for the whip start. If your front end starts tilting up you only whip your right arm in front of your left stick. If your back starts tilting up, you whip behind it. The whip start is a way of actually getting much more speed than the simple one arm jerk, but again you are keeping your left hand still and you are not just moving your arm. When you are doing the whip this is very important so that you don’t tear your tendon, you are using your wrist. Juggling involves using wrists and one must use one’s body in the natural way that the body moves or you will tear your tendons. Now we are going to get that going again. You need to go really fast for cats cradle, the easy way. Now I am going to drop the diabolo several times because I am going to go through this slowly so you can see. We are going to start by taking the right hand, touching it to the left string and flipping the diabolo over to catch it in a little bit of a cradle, so lets see that again. Ready? We get the diabolo going, right arm to the left string, flip it over, so I have got a loop of string and let me turn it sideways so you can see that. I hope the camera can get this. There is actually going to be a loop of string around the stick. Now once we have that loop of string, we are going to take the left stick and we are going to stick it in that loop and pull it aside and toss the diabolo in the air and catch it. Now before the diabolo ends on the string we have the cats cradle. We get the diabolo spinning really fast so once you toss it in the air you will catch it on that X and it will continue spinning, so once again cats cradle the easy way. You laugh now, but wait till you learn the hard way, here we go. Cats cradle the easy way, right stick against left string and the cradle, stick between the two strands, toss and then catch, cats cradle the easy way.


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