The High Toss for Diabolo Jugglers

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Learn the basics of Diabolo juggling such as the high toss in this free juggling video series.

Part of the Video Series: Introduction to Diabolo Juggling
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Video Transcript

I am one of the professional jugglers here with Expert We are doing a series of diabolo work. This is the diabolo second oldest juggling prop known to mankind and I am using the whip start to make this puppy go. We are going to learn the high toss. Believe it or not it is actually one of the simplest tricks to learn. When you throw the diabolo in the air and catch it, you are not really throwing it and catching it. When you are throwing it you are actually nearly lifting your arms apart and bouncing it off that string. Look at that, wasn’t that simple. There is actually no throw at all, so it really helps to get the diabolo going very fast because the height of the diabolo depends on the speed of the diabolo and how fast you go bling with your eyes. Now, it appears to you that I am catching it, but I am not; that’s the trick to the high toss. You don’t actually catch the diabolo, you bounce it off your string and when it is up in the air have it above your head so you can see where the center of the diabolo is, I will stop it. See that, that is the center of the diabolo. You want to see the center and you are actually keeping your string nice and tight, putting your string up in the center of it. As soon as you feel the diabolo touch your string, you cradle it and it stays. It is very simple. It goes quickly. We go boing and cradle. Again, boing and cradle. That is the basis of the high toss. If you get the diabolo going very fast and you are outside and you are not under trees and you get it going very fast, you can go bling and it goes very high. Also using the high toss and the whole bouncing and cradling you can do things like bouncing it over your head which is just bounce, bounce, cradle, bounce, cradle, bounce, cradle, bounce, cradle. It is very simple. That is the high toss.


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