Buffalo Shrimp Kabobs Recipe

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Learn an easy recipe for buffalo shrimp kabobs with expert cooking tips in this free barbecue side dishes video clip.

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Alright, today we're going to be making a fruit bowl. What you want to do is quarter off a watermelon. You want to cut it down the center and we're going to scoop this out trying to keep the watermelon in tact so we can cut it up and use it for the salad. You want to get in there, try to take a whole piece at a time. Try not to get any of the white rind in there. It's very better and you don't want to use it. Try to get the two big chunks. Trying to leave as much of the rind intact to use as our bowl. Get this last piece, and now we're going to cube the watermelon. Cut it into pieces. Easy to pick up with a fork or if they choose to eat with their fingers. That's completely up to them. I'm going to take a watermelon and take off the stem. Then we're going to have to actually take off the skin. It's not as hard as it looks. You're just going to cut off the ends that way you can get a nice base to cut the rest of it. Just kind of trim off all the excess skin. Try to get most the pineapple as you can, and then we're going to cut it into parts. At this point we're going to take out the center. We're not going to eat that. We're going to cut it into about one inch cubes. We're going to take the strawberries and we're going to take the stems off, and then we're going to cut them into quarters. So we're going to cut them into half and then cut them in half again. For some fruit salads you can leave the strawberry whole, but for this one we won't. So we're going to start off by making base in our watermelon bowl with some pineapple and add watermelon. Get some more pineapple. It really doesn't matter how you want to do it. Get some purple grapes and some green grapes. I tend to use the seedless. It makes for easy clean up later. You're not picking up seeds all over your lawn. I'm going to add some more pineapple, some more watermelon, and then when we're done we're going to top it off with some strawberries. This is very festive. Nice on a hot summer's day. And there you go, a watermelon fruit bowl.


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