Plating Mozzarella Salad

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Learn how to plate an easy mozzarella salad with strawberry sauce with expert cooking tips in this free barbecue side dishes video clip.

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Video Transcript

Now we're going to go over plating your mozzarella salad. What you want to do is you want to start off with a sourdough roll. You want to cut that in half. Also, another variation if you want to scoop this out you can actually turn this into a bread bowl and pour it in there. We're going for something different, a different presentation. You want to actually use the bread to eat instead of a container. You just want to cut those in half and cut it into a quarter. Take each quarter and cut it into 3 smaller pieces, little small wedges. About this size. Now you want to take the bread and we're going to overlap it with the top points all going in the same direction. Just turn the plate. Get a nice little flower effect going on. It sets nice and pretty for an outside event. Take the last piece and you want to overlap it and tuck it in that other piece. Now you've got a nice little bread flower. The middle is ready to put the salad in. You just want to go ahead and scoop the mozzarella sauce and the strawberries that we just mixed in there. Scoop enough. Kind of let it overflow onto the bread. This way when your guests come they can just grab a piece of bread and scoop some sauce on there that way their fingers don't get too messy. Move it to the side. Now you want to take some of the leftover sauce and pour on there. Drizzle on some of the bread. Remember not all the way because you don't want them to get their fingers messy. It's a nice little finger food if they want, or if they want they can grab a fork and put it on a plate. Now, go ahead, take the leftover strawberries, and start putting them on there for some color. Who really doesn't love strawberries? There you go, mozzarella salad.


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