Making Chicken Quesadillas

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Learn how to create an easy chicken quesadilla with expert cooking tips in this free barbecue side dishes video clip.

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Video Transcript

Now we're going to go over cooking our quesadillas. On a flat top or a pan, you want to add some butter. You just want to sit your quesadillas right on there. You want to move them around. Make sure the butter reaches all parts of the tortilla. The same with the other one so you get a nice even golden brown will you're cooking it. You don't want to cook these too long because once again, the chicken's already cooked and all you're really doing is melting all the food together and warming up the quesadilla. If you want to go ahead and put some butter on the other side you can go ahead and do that. Sometimes I just like to just pour some more on the grill and flip them over. It works the same way with grilled cheese sandwiches. You just want to add a little bit of garlic salt to it or garlic powder to give it some flavor. Now if you cooked it you just want to cut them in half. You can take the halves and cut those in half again, so you want to do quarters. This is a nice little treat for a barbecue. You can pick it up, walk around, eat it with a hand, or if you want walk around with a plate with some sauce or sour cream. it's up to you. Nice little addition. Now we're going to go on to plating our quesadillas. One side we're going to put our chicken and cheese and the other side our vegetarian. Make sure if this is the case and you have people in your crowd that are vegetarians, so they know which ones are which and they don't grab the wrong one. We're just going to put this on each side. If you notice that on our serving dish we have a little bowl built in. We're just going to pour our salsa in there, and there you go. Quesadillas.


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