Adding Milk, Seasoning & Cheese to Roux for Macaroni & Cheese

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Learn how to add milk, seasonings and cheese to roux to make an easy macaroni and cheese recipe with expert cooking tips in this free barbecue side dishes video clip.

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Video Transcript

Now we've started the base for our rue. Everything's completely disintegrated and mixed in. We're going to start adding the milk. You can't add the milk right of the bat. You're going to have to slowly pour some in and mix it, pour some more in, and mix it. Eventually you'll get to the point where you're going to add more and more. If you add it too fast, you're going to end up with a giant soup, and we don't want that. We want a nice consistent cheese sauce. Just add a little bit more and then finally, if you want to pour the rest of the rue back in with the milk, that's completely fine. It gives us more room to work with. All that's melted in. You're going to go ahead and season it with some salt and some pepper. A little garlic or nutmeg if you'd like. It's up to you. Remember, this is your cheese sauce. This is your macaroni and cheese, you do what you want. There are no rules in cooking. Now we're going to add the Asiago Romano cheese, mix that in a little bit, and slowly start pouring in the rest of the cheddar cheese. You're going to mix all that in there. If you choose, you can opt not to add all the cheese into the rue. You can save some of that for garnishing, or you can actually add more in later. It all depends on how you like your macaroni and cheese and how cheesy you want it. You're going to mix all that in there until all the cheese is completely melted. You want a nice consistent cheese sauce. Now as you can see, it's starting to become creamy. It's almost there. We have a little bit of cheese left. We're just going to wait for that to melt out.


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