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Discover tips for adding garlic and basil seasonings to a basic risotto in this free gourmet cooking video.

Part of the Video Series: Basic Risotto Recipe
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Video Transcript

today we are going to be talking more artichoke and risotto. The next thing we want to do is peel garlic. We have peeled garlic today I'm going to show you a great way to mince garlic very easy, brings out a lot of flavor. One thing about garlic is if want a small garlic tastes very mild taste you should slice it cause you are not cutting a lot of the membrane and you are not going to get a full garlic taste. When you want a really strong garlic taste you want to take it and smash it so you are going to take your chef knife which is great for chopping and mincing. You are going to take the edge of your knife and put it on top of your garlic and just push down with your hands so it is nice and flat. So you have a nice flat surface and it is not going to roll around on you. Then you are just going to take your chef knife and rock it back and forth holding the outside edge until you have a nice fine mince. Our next thing we are going to do in prepping all of ingredients which is very important to prep everything before you begin to cook. If you don't have everything prep you start cooking, you can start burning something while you are cutting something else. You want to make sure you have all of your ingredients which is called your mise en place everything in it's place ready to go before you begin cooking. So what we are going to do a really easy way to chop a lot of basil you want to take your basil leaves, you are going to layer them on top of each other. Always washing your herbs and cleaning off all steams. So we are going to take all these, we are going to stack them on top of each other, then we are going to roll them up like a cigar to a nice tight bundle. From there what you want to do is we are basically going to chiffonade them which is basically a Julian of any basic green product which would be lettuce, swiss chard and any kind of herb leaves. So you have your nice tight bundle, and you want to just once again rock your knife back and forth. Always keeping part of the blade of the knife on the cutting board. So now we have a nice chiffonade, we are going to quarter turn that and chop through it roughly once again and you have a nice amount of chopped basil.


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