How to Add Ingredients to White Sauce for Macaroni & Cheese

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Learn how to add ingredients like cheese to white sauce for macaroni and cheese and more in this free online cooking video taught by Chef John King.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make Baked Macaroni & Cheese
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Video Transcript

We are continuing on our mac and cheese. We have our pasta cooked, our white sauce has come up to a boil and it has thickened as much as it needs to be. Now we are going to put in our seasonings and our cheese. First thing we are going to put in is we have a tablespoon and half of dry mustard, we have some white pepper. You could also use black pepper if you wanted. This is a teaspoon of white pepper. The reason we use white pepper is so you don't have black specs in your sauce and it has better eye appeal. You could certainly use black pepper if you needed to and we have salt. This is pretty bland sauce without salt. This is quite a bit of salt. It is actually 3 tablespoons. You need quite a bit of salt to deliver the flavor for this recipe and then we have just a pinch of nutmeg. Nutmeg is a really strong sauce so you don't want to put a whole lot in there. Just a little pinch for flavor on that. We have our cheese here. This is 10 cups of cheese. We are going to put 5 cups of cheese in here and the rest is going to be put on top when we bake it in the oven. We also have a can cheese sauce. This is 8 cups of cheese sauce. You can get it at any supermarket. It's just plain cheese sauce. You don't want nacho flavor or anything like that. We are going to add that together, pour our pasta in there and we will be ready to put it in the oven. Now we are going to add our macaroni to the pot that we boiled it in here and we are going to mix the sauce right to it. Now we are going to mix it all together and we will be ready to put it in the oven.


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