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Video Transcript

In this segment we're going to discuss delivering on the promise, commonly known as zero defects. How is that possible? I eluted to it in a previous tape to a degree, but I'm going to detail it for you in this segment. How do you know who your current customers or your future customers are? All you have to do is go back and see who you've got and interview those customers. There's 3 questions I suggest you ask every customer. What more can I do for you, what less can I do for you, what can I change for you. This opens up everything for you so that you can get some answers. By going through that process, you'll lean exactly who your customer is demographically in every other form. Now you can direct your marketing into that area. In order for you to achieve success, I mentioned the checklist system before, going through the teams so we knew exactly what we could do. We are telling the customer what we can do for them for the time and money. If we can't do it, we're not going to tell them we can because that business is reserved for someone else and you're not going to be able to achieve when you keep going back and forth between different systems. You must have one system in place that works for 99% of the people, and that's highly possible. So how do you take the checklist and make sure it's always used and fits in to all of these aspects. The checklist system goes into the school that is also the training the tool for your employee. Now, when those employees go out, they do the work in our case, they check the checklist, they actually signed it at the very top that they did the work in that individual room. Secondly, on the second half of the checklist is what we expect from the customer in return, that the payment is there, that we can have access to the home. All of these things are important when you're running a maid service. The school is there for the employees to know how to use the checklist system, which becomes their step by step action, and they follow it, and after a short period of time they know exactly what to do because they now have it into their head. They don't even know they're training themselves, but that's okay they do it. Then they tie that into doing the service for the client. So you've got the checklist, then you can have special requests on the customer's card that aren't too far and over and above so that the employees check the checklist, check the card before they leave to make sure that they've covered everything. If it's been the first time in, we do call back on the following day to spot check. Also, this gives us an opportunity for marketing, and I'll get into that and a little detail later. Third, we do q cards. Every quarter we send out a quality. Card much like you see in a restaurant, and ask them how they felt about us and ask them to mail it back to us.


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