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Going green business solutions! Learn how to back up files electronically and help your workplace go green, paperless in this free video on earth conscious business solutions.

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Video Transcript

And this segment is all about backing up your e-files while conducting a paperless operation. I can't emphasize how important backing up your data is. I'm sure if you're in a corporate environment, there's already a backup going on in all your other kind of files. Well, backing up your e-files is an even easier process than the process used to backup all those complicated data files. And we're going to go ahead and walk you through it right now. I've got my desktop open. And I've got my e-files, my external hard drive - which I bought when I was getting the operation started. I've got it plugged in and it's ready to go. Now this is just an example. You may have different locations for different things. But, when you're first getting started on your operation, I think you'll find that this sequence would be just as effective. I've opened up my hard drive containing my Acme Company Box files...Acme Box Company Efiles (that's a tongue twister). And there it is. So, all we're going to do is get the e-files with the changes on it that you made today - additions, subtractions and additions of documents - the most recent folder backed up. And, for training purposes, I've put the folder on the desktop. All I do is, I'll just drag it in to my external hard drive. Now, it'll give me a warning saying that there's already another file in there with the same name. And that if I say yes, it will overwrite those files. We want to overwrite those files. It's important that we have the most recent version of our e-files on the external hard drive at all times. So we'll go ahead and say yes. It's asking me to backup a lot of my files here. And there you have it. I've got my most recent e-files on my external hard drive. Once again, I can't emphasize how important it is to back these things up. There would be nothing worse than scanning all of your files, and then recycling them or sending them to some storage somewhere far away, and then have something happen to your server or your building and not having these things backed up. It would be catastrophic. So, you'll want to start backing up your files after the first day of going through your paperless operations. It's not a complicated technique, and I think you'll be glad you did it, if something should ever happen.


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