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How to hire a new employee, and ensure you make the right decision, by checking references; get expert tips and advice on hiring practices in this free instructional video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Tina Buechler from Business Growth Training, I’m here today I’m talking about tips and techniques for hiring a new employee. In this clip I want to talk about checking references. I don’t know for how many years I have been doing helping people hire and helping people get hired and the number of people who don’t check references absolutely flabbergasts me, some people have the opinion well the references are going to say something good anyway so why would I call. Well from my experience that’s not the truth at all what I said earlier is anywhere between 21 to 71% of resumes have falsehoods on them and so you want to be able to double check that. In the interview process you should of asked them questions that you can then ask a reference and what you’re looking for is to verify if the applicant answered the question this way then you want to call somebody that they worked with and ask a very similar question and you should be getting a very similar answer this way you can verify the litity and reliability of the applicants answers. The other thing don’t assume that a reference is necessarily just automatically going to give a great reference, most references will give to the best of their ability an honest outline of the good things about the applicant and the area for improvement and really that’s what you’re looking for. I have very often from my references I reference check, I’ve decided that I absolutely am not going to hire this applicant because I have found out that through the interview process and checking references that I have absolute false words either one side or the other and I’m not sure who’s not telling the truth but it’s too big of a risk for me to hire somebody based on that. So what I’ve determined is again as I said earlier when you’re looking to do your telephone interview you’re looking to disqualify, when you check your references that’s also the purpose, the purpose of this is I narrowed it down to this number of applicants, checked the references and from the references you might find out that you have disqualified somebody. Listen for new answers, questions like would you hire this person again, what happens is the reference might take a moment and hesitate there’s a lot of information in that hesitation, so when you check your references you’re not just looking for the words that are being said, you’re also listening very carefully for the words that aren’t being said because they often carry a great deal of weight when you’re doing a reference. It is certainly a valuable activity, it does not take that much time but it can represent a great reward for you in finding out that an applicant’s being truthful or not.


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